No one like Sophe

It has been a sad week here in my house hold, as we prepare to “farewell” a very close family member.
Having recently lost my father, just 12 months ago only makes this all that much harder.
Let’s go back to where this story began:

November, 2000.
Still coming to terms with the sudden death of my mother, and now shopping about for a birthday gift for my soon-to-be eight year old boy, was terribly difficult but Master Jake had already decided what it was he wanted more than anything, and that was a dog. Not my first choice, be that I had said there were to be no more pets after we lost our last ( gorgeous golden cocker-spaniel named “Phoebie”), but young Jake and his father had made up their minds.

Originally we had gone looking for a Labrador but found this a rather hard task and rather expensive….this led us to a local pet store to see what kind of dogs were available. The shop was quite busy when we arrived so we just strolled about, casually looking at each adorable puppy hoping that something would appeal to our boy. One f the pups had been let out of its cage, and was scampering about the store, having an absolute ball as it bounded about! I think what really caught my eye was the fact it looked “all legs”, tripping and falling, then jumping right back up again, so cute. I turned to point this creature out to Jake, but he had found his own amusement outside the shop, leaving me to take care of business. What to do??

Before I knew it, the funny long-legged pup had jumped at my feet, and continued to follow me through the store, up & down the aisles, even dropping a toy in my direction which I proceeded to throw to it, again and again! A shop assistant appeared by my side, telling me about the mocha brown & white, collie cross border collie, female, who was only 3 months old and needed a good home. “She seems to like you”, she added. “Hmmmm….we WERE supposedly here for my son”, I mentioned, but it became clear, “I” was now looking for a dog. I ushered Jake’s father to come take a look at the pup, asking if he thought Jake would be happy? there was no denying, this collie x was beautiful, and what a gorgeous nature she had!

whats_all_the_fuss We quickly agreed, that she had won our hearts so I went about purchasing all the necessary items, and filling in paper work. “Have you thought of a name?” asked the shop assistant, showing me a list of names which could help in the selection process…..and there it was, so easy, and just like the pup had done, the name jumped right out at me…..”Sophie”.
Sophie has been a part of our life for the past 13 years, showering us with love and so much happiness….she has never left our side, living at 7 different addresses, from the outer west to the coast, we have had many wonderful years together….and even though Jake claimed her to be “his” dog, between you & me, Sophie was always, my girl.
Here’s where the story gets sad… with age, comes health problems, and even though Sophie lived her life pretty much without incident, the latter years were not so kind…a few months ago she suffered a stroke, and has gradually gone downhill since. She was diagnosed as having Vestibular Disease (geriatric form) dementia and severe osteoarthritis to which their sadly isn’t any medication available to fix, so has been suffering quite badly.
Unable to stand longer than a couple of minutes, with her back legs often giving way, we have had to make the heart-wrenching decision to end her life, hence end all her suffering.  I cried so many tears yesterday after we made the arrangements that I am absolutely dreading how I will be on the actual day.
There has never been another like her in my life, and I just know, there never will be again. I will miss everything about Sophie, her pretty face, her gorgeous mocha brown/white coat, her bark, even her smell…..I pray my father (who came to adore her as much as us) is waiting for her now, ready to take her on some wonderful new walks and some new adventures.
Until we meet again…….Photo1510


awareness is best

Just goes to show you how quickly time flies….I cannot even remember the last time I stopped by here, but now that I’m around, feel its a great opportunity to share some “updates”!

With this being “Awareness Month” for ovarian cancer in Australia, I’d like to mention a couple of important details:

1. There is still NO early screening test for this disease!

2. Being “aware” of the symptoms crucial to every female!

3. You can find all relevant information at the Feel Teal Club!

But for now I suggest you continue reading…….it COULD save a life!

What is Ovarian Cancer?
Its when cells in the ovaries grow abnormally & the body’s natural defences can’t stop them-
These abnormal cells form growth:- CANCERS

Who is at risk?
Ovarian Cancer, the second most common female reproductive system cancer, can strike at any age, but it is most common among women just before entering menopause (perimenopause) and then during and after menopause.
This disease also tends to run in families, so women with first-degree relatives (a mother or sister) who have had ovarian cancer are at higher risk) Others at risk include women who have not had children or delayed their first pregnancy until after age 35 and those who have had colon, breast or endometrial cancer.
The causes of Ovarian Cancer are not known. Some factors seem to put women at a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. Many women who develop ovarian cancer do not have these risk factors. At the same timemany women who do have the risk factors do not develop ovarian cancer. Other possible risk factors include long term use of genital deodorants & other products containing talc, & treatment with fertility drugs

What are the symptoms?
Most common symptoms are:
Unexplained weight gain; abdominal swelling and vague pelvic discomfort; change in bowel habit ie: diarrhoea or constipation; urinary changes ie: frequency or urgency; bleeding, apart from normal monthly period; feeling of fullness and bloating; indigestion or feeling ‘sick’; tired; loss of appetite


On This Day-June 10th

Every day passes in the blink of an eye, taking the years with them….it seems it’s been quite some time since I’d made time for a “blog” so just for fun, here’s a brief trip back in time… you remember any of these events?

1963 – JFK signs law for equal pay for equal work for men & women
1964 – Rolling Stones record their 12×5 album at Chess Studios in Chicago
1966 – Beatles “Paperback Writer” is released in UK
1966 – Beatles record “Rain,” 1st to use reverse tapes

1966 – Janis Joplin’s 1st live concert (Avalon Ballroom in SF)
1966 – Mamas & Papas win gold record for “Monday, Monday”
1972 – Elvis Presley records a live album at NY’s Madison Square Garden

1976 – 67,000 fans attends Wings concert at Seattle’s Kingdome

1984 – 54th French Men Tennis: Ivan Lendl beats John McEnroe (36 26 64 75 75)

 1985 — Coca Cola announces they’d bring back their 99-year-old formula

lee’s cuffs

Are you a woman who loves fashion? Do you like collecting stylish accessories to wear with different outfits? Then let me introduce you to the latest designs from Lee’s Hope Jewelry, including their cool “cuffs”!
Seeing is believing so here are just a few photo’s I’ve selected to share with you….enjoy!

My cuffs!









Necklace & cuffs!

























15% of sales goes towards Ovarian Cancer Research!

Blow out sale on bracelet cuffs… all cuffs…$12.. Those originally marked $12 now only $10 Get them while they last!!
This sale on cuffs extends until Sunday 12 am ….2/26/12!!


Visit Lee’s Hope Jewelry






TITANS of TEAL campaign 2011

This year, the Feel Teal Club is delivering a new approach with a clearer emphasis on “survivors” and “supporters” of ovarian cancer.

We will give the public a “behind the scenes” look into our various projects, and the ongoing struggle each of us face in order to receive the same level of recognition as the “think pink” campaigns! Our mission is to ensure the public recognizes & understands the symptoms of ovarian cancer, whilst empowering them with tools they can use to address their own health concerns. Titans of Teal are proud, passionate and resourceful ladies, always creative and always supportive.
Here lies an opportunity to unite, bringing together a host of talent sharing a wealth of ideas and information, all to benefit their family/friends and community/s.Thanks to the internet, we hold a strong online presence of
ovarian cancer campaigners, warriors who posses a fighting spirit of gigantic proportion. Their strength comes in numbers, and the number of warriors continue to grow! Working as individuals, and often in groups,all sharing a common interest-advocating on behalf of all women, a voice for “awareness” while raising the status of ovarian cancer.We have fought a battle like no other, for this remains the only woman’s cancer which continues to exist without a test….it’s time the world gave us their full-attention.

Trip of a Titan`

As you listen to the humour served up by Shelly Ryan, be prepared for more than you had ever expected, for you are not only sharing the laughs, but also the journey!
From her side-splitting interpretations on “life”, to the hilarious spin on our childhood Nursery Rhymes, Shelly Ryan will take you on the trip of a lifetime, meeting different characters along the way…..sharing all the moments that make us laugh, while laughing at life!
Shelly has travelled many roads and has taken her comedy along for the ride…to familiar places and those unknown destinations, always a story left to be told!
Since our original launching of the Feel Teal campaign, Shelly has played an integral role in pushing the awareness message across to the general public. Much of her own energy drawn from the late great comedic genius, Gilda Radner.
The love and admiration Shelly held for Gilda, was immediately recognised and encouraged by the Feel Teal Club… the next platform for Shelly’s work!
Sharing her fond memories of Gilda, gave us another opportunity to share the ovarian cancer message….and so, another fork in Shelly’s road!
It has been such a pleasure working alongside this lady, and with the news of an impending book (which will also serve as raising funds for research) on her horizon, we look forward to taking the journey of a lifetime, please join us!

TITANS of TEAL is the latest campaign (by Feel Teal Club) publicly raising awareness to ovarian cancer, whilst spotlighting the many efforts by other supporters & survivors!

Will Congress Repeal Health Care Reform?

The following was written by Barbara O’ Brien blogger for The Mahablog, Crooks and Liars, AlterNet, to name a few!
Barbara has earned the notoriety of being a panelist at the Yearly Kos Convention and was a featured guest blogger at the Take Back America Conference in Washington, DC.

As soon as Republicans knew they had won a majority of House seats in the midterm elections, GOP leaders vowed to repeal health care reform. Can they do this? And should they?

Frankly, chances that the health care reform bill could be repealed completely are remote, especially since such repeal would have to override President Obama’s veto, and the Senate still has a Democratic majority.

House Republicans say they have some tricks up their sleeves, such as refusing to provide funds in the budget to implement health care reform. However, provisions of the law that will expand Medicaid and help subsidize private insurance won’t kick in until 2014. Until then, there’s not much the House can do to the budget to stop health care reform from going forward, short of defunding the entire Health and Human Services department.

Another “trick” might be to dismantle the bill piece by piece. One provision that many people want to remove is the individual mandate, which will require most Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a tax penalty. This provision also kicks in in 2014, and it’s one that Baby Boomers in particular will want to fight to keep.

Here’s why: Beginning in 2014, private insurance companies will no longer be able to refuse to insure someone because of a pre-existing condition. But without an individual mandate, there will be no incentive for younger and healthier people to purchase health insurance until the time comes when they need it. This means those left in the insurance “risk pool” will be older, and that drives up the cost of insurance.

By the time we reach 50, nearly all of us have “pre-existing conditions.” Some of our conditions are common, and some are not – mesothelioma, for example, is rarely diagnosed in patients younger than 50. And without Medicare or other good insurance, mesothelioma treatment would be financially devastating.

But without the individual mandate requiring that healthier people share in the cost of insuring all of us, the health insurance premium bills for people aged 50 to 65 will be ruinous. We can scrap health care reform entirely, of course, but keep in mind that if you lose your insurance before you reach Medicare age you may not be able to purchase insurance at all, at any price, if you have a pre-existing condition.


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