This is another post I just HAD to share and will be listing over at Deliberately Debbie, my official website-

Being a part of the Baby Boomer Divas has been one big roller-coaster-ride of FUN! I have loved every moment, especially the levels of enthusiasm and passion each sister passes on to the next. We have only been at this a short whle, and in that time, we’ve all been moving mountains, all from sharing insiration, and love.

Each Diva is unique! Everyday, is a blessing just being in their company and today was no exception.
Following up on an email sent last night, baby boomer diva Raven threw me a challenge.
Raven Blair Davis hosts the Woman Power Talk Radio programme, and kindly asked if I’d like to be a BBD Reporter for one of her shows! How could I refuse?????? So, after figuring it out I went with a news piece on Ovarian cancer. Raven agreed and away I went.

I found out this afternoon, the show will be aired this coming Wednesday, including an interview with our QUEEN Diva, Beverly Mahone!

So to ALL those bloggers, ESPECIALLY the women, be sure to tune in and spend some quality time, with Raven, Bev, and yours truly!


As our song goes, “Aint no stoppin us now, we’re on the move!”



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