Who Am I?

Who am I? Here are just some clues…..

  • I am an Australian
  • I have Irish descendants who arrived here as convicts
  • My great great great great great grandmother and grandfather
  • Both travelled on seperate ships, both sentenced to seven years.
  • They fell in love and married in Western Australia
  • I have a sister who lives in the Hunter Valley region of NSW
  • We have six children between us
  • I was born under the star-sign of Cancer
  • I was also born under the star-sign of leo
  • I am right on the cusp!
  • I have always lived in New South Wales
  • I have travelled to other States
  • I have never left the country
  • I would LOVE to fly in a plane!
  • I still can’t ride a pushbike 😦
  • I love the smell of rain
  • At the age of 9, I was once pushed onto a lawnmower….it was on!
  • I wound up with 3rd degree burns!
  • I was afraid of lawnmowers for many years
  • I prefer dogs over cats
  • I love to talk!
  • I have been on television raising funds for charity
  • I had coffee with Jonathon Coleman & Dano (wonder if they remember me?? lol)
  • I met the band members of ‘SWEET’
  • I am a huge David Bowie fan
  • Saw him in concert in Sydney, 2004
  • Sent his wife a copy of my book(wonder if she ever got??)
  • Gave up smoking April 25th, 2000 (Anzac Day)
  • Love designing webpages
  • Love Blogs! lol
  • Love writing!
  • Have published 6 books with another on its way
  • I am committed to raising awareness to ovarian cancer
  • I am a very proud baby boomer diva! 🙂
  • I am also an editor for two magazines
  • I am easily hurt by cruel words
  • I am outragous
  • I am a hermit
  • I am a dreamer
  • I cry watching pain & suffering on TV
  • I cry when a baby is born
  • Music ALWAYS lifts my spirits!
  • I LOVE to dance
  • I love a good sense of humour!
  • I don’t like patronizing people
  • My heart is an open door
  • Enjoy reading, especially bio’s
  • Not a fan of action films, unless they are funny!
  • I am a woman dealing with menopause
  • I am learning lessons everyday
  • I beleive God has taught me a great deal!
  • I am still following his footsteps

Now, tell me…who are YOU?!

Note: The graphic a gift from Diva Karlyn



2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Now I want to know what your great, …. Grandparents got seven years for, lol.

    I like dogs better than cats, but really I love all animals. Dogs just seem to love you back more!

    Terri, aka PopArtDiva,

  2. I have their certificates of freedom with me, the writing is hard to read but it would appear my granfather stole some linen?? lol
    Dogs definitely love you back more..like ‘Jack Burns'[Rober De-Niro] said in “Meet the Parents”:Cats make you earn it! lol

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