Hello all who may pass through here today and any other day.
My name is Debbie, a woman born of the sixties, of the ‘old school’, a Baby boomer!! I have been away due to something completely out of MY hands, but safely placed in the hands of our Father. This post is coming LIVE from the local internet cafe, what a blessing this place is!!

In my years as a child, we were taught so much about life, and the importance of family and friends. We were also taught about RESPECT. It’s a word that has been sung about, and I am here in the short time I have today, to remind our so called Y Generation, that this one word is valued so dearly by those who serve it, we are shamed by those who abuse it!
But it would seem that we cannot make the Y folk understand its importance?? To GET respect you must GIVE respect.
To show the world you are one person, NOT a clone! Yes, you heard me, NOT A CLONE!
What YOU are is determined by WHO you are….and also, WHERE you are.
God created you as an individual, UNIQUE!
Look at me. I am different also, but we do have one thing in common. We were both given a heart and a mind. On the outside, two completely different people, yet with the heart and mind we choose to work in opposite directions? Do you know how to say “I love you?”
What about saying “I’m sorry?” I have noticed many don’t even try. The joke is, it takes no effort to say these words, and when said, can be the most glorious moments of our life!
Isn’t it a sad thing when those who have been given an opportunity to GIVE, would much rather TAKE! Have you stopped and helped anyone today? Have you ever admitted you were wrong, or taken the blame for another, merely because it felt right?
We are living in a world that is spinning faster every second of every day, something that frightens me terribly! I am frightened for those who still waste their gift of life, for once its over, its over.
Make the most of the words that God gave you! Be unique, be YOU!
Share some kindness for our fading world surely needs it now, more than ever. Be open, be honest and true. especially to YOU. RESPECT YOURSELF, AND ALL OTHERS!

It won’t stop you from having fun, it won’t make you look stupid or weird to others, in fact, they might catch on too!? Believe me, I have had ALOT of time to sit and reflect…our hearts and minds are an amazing piece of ‘software’, let’s not corrupt the system any more than it already has been.
I am a mother, a wife sister daughter friend AND diva……I am here on earth for many reasons, one is to share my love, with YOU!


One thought on “CAN’T KEEP A DIVA DOWN!!

  1. Debbie,

    You can’t know how much it means to me to hear from you. As you well realize, all of your diva friends send you their love and support. You’ve been going through many challenges, I’m sure, but I also know you to be an amazingly strong and resilient woman–a woman I admire with my whole heart.

    I send you my very best, dear friend, and hope that the difficult times are past and that you and your family are finding all that you need.

    With my love,


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