A diva discussion!

Thanks to a couple of ‘diva discussions’, the differences of language in different countries came to light-Not words spoken in another ‘tongue’, but the various words with different meanings.
In Australia, we are quite proud of our ‘unique lingo’, it’s what separates us from the rest of the world, but we love sharing and teaching those not so familiar with it, and thanks to Diva Teri Dempski, I can share the Australian ‘slang’ with you! Teri has many Australian connections, and after our Queen Diva; Beverly Mahone, had raised a question on one particular word, Diva Teri supplied her with the following link:

Now there is a reason why she took us directly to the ‘R’ section, but YOU will just have to figure that out! Let’s just say, in the U.S.A, there’s a word used to show your support for another whereas ‘aussies’ would say ‘barrack’. ie: To barrack for your favourite ‘footy’ team! So have fun, and don’t say you weren’t warned!!
Thanks to our ‘aussie’ diva sister; Kathie M Thomas, for making this curious little difference known, it certainly gave way for many questions and just as many laughs!!
Diva Debbie from ‘down under’


7 thoughts on “A diva discussion!

  1. Thanks, Diva Debbie, for featuring my unique find of the Australian slang dictionary. I have had to refer to it quite often when reading posts from my Aussie friends!

    That particular thread on the Boomer Diva Forum has made me laugh out loud more than once this week. It’s like the energizer bunny, it keeps going …. Do you even have the energizer bunny in Australia? Hah hah!

  2. Now I have to be mindful of TWO letters of the alphabet—the “B” word and the “R” word. I’m just glad I didn’t make this comment to Kathie’s husband’s face!!!

  3. Now you know why they say Australian people are so easy going…..our ‘slang’ is a huge part of our culture, one that is crucial we don’t lose! FAIR DINUM! 🙂

  4. This is such an interesting and entertaining post. I can’t believe how many the group came up with! Makes you want to check things out before you go visiting!

  5. I only caught snippets of this conversation, but after looking up the word root, the details all became clear. Can’t stop laughing.

  6. And from it all, a book shall be born! That’s all I am saying for now, but you guys certainly started something! lol

  7. Deb – First, thanks for stopping by The NORMAL CHALLENGED Artist™ and making such an insightful comment on creativity! You were so right in your observations.

    Now, I don’t know exactly what word you’re referring to here but I did go look at the dictionary and had a great time reading all your Aussie expressions! Slang is an interesting phenomenon the world over, isn’t it?

    Language is such a tricky vehicle for expressing the complexity of our thoughts that difficulties arise even within one’s own culture. Add another culture and lifestyle and you have the makings of a great number of hilarious “misunderstandings”,lol!

    Good as always to hear from you!!

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