Ovarian cancer, for too long has been labelled, the Silent Killer-
Our upcoming ‘online social media’ event, is planned to aim high, giving some real recognition to those who work ‘behind the scenes’ while chasing a dream…the need for an early screening method, to test women & girls for Ovarian cancer, this quest has been my passion!
The exciting news, is one of music’s most famous band member/co-founder & record producer’s, Rick Finch; of KC and Sunshine Band fame, will be fronting our cause!
GRF [GO research fund] and myself, are working hard to make this event a day unlike any other, and we hope many social networkers & friends, will make some time to participate. How? By finding anything of ‘teal’ colour, and displaying on the day!
STAY TUNED…….much MUCH more to be announced!



  1. Thank you for your passion. Thanks for sharing your blogging skills to communicate and empower other women with this health message. Many will, I hope, be helped.

    • I’m thrilled to have the support of such a fine artist & real star!
      I’m encouraging the public, to pay Rick a visit at http://www.richardrfinch.com where he has a Guestbook set-up-

      He was quick to rally to the cause, and we have more to unfold in coming weeks!!! Stay tuned!
      Remember Pat, this is also for you, and your own personal experience!
      God bless

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