Poem & a memory~

Today, July 3rd, 2009, sees exactly nine years since my mother lost her battle with ovarian cancer.

A dear friend, wrote the following poem in sweet memory……thanks so much Vicki, mum would have loved it, as much as I do-


Freesia memories

Freesias all around me

Colour perfume

Filling my senses

Peace touches me

I see visions of the long road ahead

I see a field of freesias

Swaying in the gentle breeze

A gentle voice from above

Whispers to my inner being

Giving me hope and peace

As I walk along the path

I leave the sweet scent of freesia


Forever imprinted in time.

This is dedicated to the memory of the freesia

Especially for Debbie


Vicki Thornton July 2009


12 thoughts on “Poem & a memory~

  1. Beautiful poem, I lost my Mom to that battle with cancer. I often take a quiet time with some of her Jergens lotion and rub it on the back of my hand, the smell reminds me of her so much. Our Moms pack so much love into our lives that it never leaves.

    May the grace of God continue bring you Comfort


    • Thanks so much Ray, our mother’s are without a doubt, the light in our lives that continues to shine, long after they are gone from this earthly-bound!

      God bless & thanks to Vicki 🙂

    • Hi Ray, thanks so much for your kind comments about my poem. Thank you for sharing your memories of your Mum with us…very touching. I too lost my Mum 5 years ago to cancer, Ive written poems in dedication to her, also. The freesia poem I wrote especially for Debbie and to the memory of her Mum. May Gods blessings and peace on everyone who has lost their Mum in any way.

  2. I hope Debbie that you can sense the perfume of the freesia all around you, may it fill you with peace, love and serenity. May you our Saviours perfume, His scent is eternal…His healing balm, ready to annoint you. Blessings to you from me!!!

  3. Deb,

    It’s been 27 years since I lost my mother, and almost 23 since my dad’s passing. I miss them both so much. These words from the Bible, “We sorrow not as those who have no hope.” are a source of great comfort to me. You will be reunited with your Mum in heaven, and will never have to say goodbye again. Until then, may you be comforted by those words, too.

    She is proud of what you are doing in raising awareness of ovarian cancer. You are saving lives!

    • God bless you Pam, your response goes to show that ‘time’, has no effect on the heart….it merely moves on, while our love stands still.

      Appreciate your support, and the whole point is to give this cancer a voice so that women & girls can learn be warned!

      Love Debbie

  4. What a beautiful poem! I lost my dad 25 years ago and sometimes it seems like yesterday. I celebrate his birthday every July 22 and mourn his passing on December 18. The fact that you have championed the cause of Ovarian cancer is wonderful. You are to be commended for your efforts!

    • Bev, my heart-felt response to you, I truly believe time stands still when we lose someone we love- our heart traps the feelings and the mind stores the memories, and life just keeps on going.
      Thank you for your sincerity, always appreciated.

      BTW-My birthday, the day after, your dear dad. Will remember him in my prayers.

  5. This message is in memory of all people who have lost their mums to any illness, tomorrow the 26th July, 2009 would have my Mums 71st birthday, but sadly she passed away 30th July, 2004 –5 years ago. The years have gone so fast, as im sure it has for all others in the same situation. May we all light a candle in their memory, a moment of silent reflection. I wrote many versions of silent reflection, in dedication to my mum. Each time I see a candle, its the light shining!!!!

    • Hello Vicki—your love for your mum, is what continues to keep the memory, ALIVE!

      I sincerely believe,it doesn’t ‘end’ here, this is JUST the place God sends us, to play our part in whatever life given.
      Once it’s over, the spirit returns home, to where God & all the other beautiful souls await.

      Keep writing, keep sharing, keep the ‘love’ alive!

      • Yes mate how true, God send us life, God sends us treasures, Our Spirits live forever!!! God gives me the inspiration, He gives me the words, they remain forever imprinted…within my inner being!!! Yes the the candle light will forever glow…..

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