Michael’s Memory

I fought to stay awake, just to find my own ‘closure’, with the rest of the world.Saying goodbye to Michael Jackson,was never going to be easy, but thanks to the beautiful way, in which his Memorial was handled, I felt at peace, & believe Michael’s family, friends and fans, felt the same unity.

Miles and worlds apart, from my Sydney living-room, I was spiritually connected by words of love, and prayer. There will be many who write of their own reactions to Michael’s farewell, and I hold onto ‘hope’, each will remember the final prayer, and be kind. God bless you Michael Jackson, your powerful energy that endured everything here on earth, will no doubt have your spirit soaring-your work isn’t finished, it has just begun.


9 thoughts on “Michael’s Memory

  1. what lovely words for Michael, Im sure that he is looking down and listening, I liked the way Brooke Shields put it, he is sitting on a crescent moon, smiling!! (or words to that effect) but when you think of crescent moon–it is a smile. His memory will live. The key word is HOPE for all of us…its a wonderful 4 letter word….and SMILE is a great 5 letter word.

  2. Thanks Vicki—yes, Brookesaid “Perched upon a crescent moon….”, very poetic and so too your own interpretation.
    My last words yesterday, were that I was ‘wiping away my tears, and looking up, with a smile’……I’d like to think it becomes contagious, just like ‘hope’.

    God bless

  3. Thanks Karen Tracy & Vicki—

    He was one of us, a baby boomer with real heart and real passion for his work.

    Whilever we continue to honour his music & his memory, he will remain very much ‘alive’, forever in our hearts.


  4. Hi everyone, tune into channel 9 at 6.30pm Domestic blitz theres a nice story about a lady with ovarian cancer, ive only seen previews of it…but it looks a heartwarming story. Hope lots of folk tune in and support this fabulous cause!!! Get those feet dancing!!

    • Yes, got to run it by Jackie…apparently it’s a wedding!! [surprise one at that] Thanks for keeping the airwaves open on ‘updates’…..appreciated!

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