Today’s a NEW day!

Today, the first day
The first day, of my new day
The new day, my new day
God gave me this day
He gave me another chance
He gave me HOPE
He, gave!
Tonight, I write with a new hand
A hand holding confidence
A hand holding HOPE
He held my hand, on this new day
I love Him
With all of my new heart

4 thoughts on “Today’s a NEW day!

  1. Debbie,

    This is so beautiful. Our God is a God of hope, love, and compassion. He has the best for us, if we only follow Him. You did, and he is opening all kinds of doors for you, after your period of excruciating testing.

    I am praising Him and rejoicing with you, DIVA!

  2. God is hope, light, He is our everything, He is amazing!! He is so forgiving, He is always there to pick us up, hold our hands and reminds us how much He loves us!! Praise you Lord, Thank you Lord for all you do and give!! Shine Jesus Shine!!

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