One wedding & a drama!

I hadn’t yet turned nine, when my mother was preparing to re-marry-

It was 1969, and other than the excitement of ‘wedding-plans’,which was pretty much ALL I’d been thinking about, there was really nothing much else ‘going on’…..but something was about to change that, and here’s how it unfolded: My older sister[by 2 & 1/2 years] and I, were happily playing together, directly across the road from where our maternal grandmother lived. In those days, we spent more time outside,making our own adventures and fun….this particular day, we’d found a tiny kitten, and of-course, immediately claimed it as ‘ours’!! My sister decided we should put it in a safe-place, so after locating an old cardboard box, it quickly became the kitty’s temporary home, while we planned and connived  stories of ‘how’ we were going to convince our mother, we should keep it!

Word soon got around the neighborhood,and children came from everywhere to see our kitten! By now, we had moved outside another house; an old Nursing home which was made from white Bessemer-bricks  and often where we would perch ourselves upon the brick walls. It was here that we’d sat the box, whilst all inquisitive locals took turns peeking into our box, all wanting to pat OUR new furry feline! All at once, another two children appeared out of nowhere,a girl and boy; brother & sister….the boy, was not at all nice, something I remember vividly even today-he began pushing & shoving to get his hands on the kitten, and unbeknown to any of us, we were right near an unguarded & switched-on, lawnmower. It all happened so fast, but I remember the sudden feeling of excruciating pain, for in the boy’s haste, he had knocked me backwards, right onto the mower, and the motor acted like a vacuum, sucking and pinning my bare legs to the top! It felt like forever, before a man came rushing over to help me, immediately turning the lawnmower off, grabbing me up into his arms, and by my sister’s instruction, racing me to my Grandmother’s home….all the while my sister’s screams were deafening & I could hear nothing else……thankfully my Nan knew some first-aid,ripping up sheets, soaking them in water and wrapping them around both of my legs….then I was whisked away by ambulance, the next procedure was far more horrid and painful, for I’d suffered 2nd & 3rd degree burns to both the inner-thighs.


Kim & Debbie 1969

This all occurred, in the days that led up to my mother’s pending marriage….and I was only worried the accident would mean I could NOT walk down the aisle, as ‘flower-girl’…..the wedding had to be postponed, but, on November 15th, 1969, mum re-married, and I was able to walk down the aisle…..that was 4o years ago, tomorrow.

Happy Anniversary, Mum & Dad xxxxxx

This would have been your 40th!!


6 thoughts on “One wedding & a drama!

  1. Oh my goodness Debbie! You poor thing! I can’t imagine the pain you must have been in. How long did it take to recover from that? What a traumatic thing to happen to a little girl.

    • It was very frightening, and it took many years before I could be anywhere near a lawnmower…on OR off!
      I can still barely make-out one scar on the right inner-thigh…its now my friend, a part of me…

  2. Oh my gosh, Debbie! What an excruciating experience! I can’t even imagine the fear and shock that must have taken over your little nine-year-old body. However, from the photo, it looks like you healed quickly and well, and you were quite the adorable flower girl– complete with hat and bag.
    I know you miss your mom very much and your post is a tribute to her and your stepdad and their lives together. I’m sure she’s smiling down on you and thanking you for your thoughtfulness!

  3. What a cute photo of you and your sister! But what an ordeal you must’ve gone through. I had to go back and re-read it because I thought it was the little boy who had gotten injured. Wonder what ever happened to him. I bet he had some bad karma around his life.

  4. Thanks ladies….it took me YEARS, before I could be anywhere near a lawnmower! Think I was [don’t laugh], about my late 20’s-early 30’s???

    Yes, wonder what became of him?
    I often wonder if he even realised the impact of that day?? We were, after all, just children…..boys can be so mean! lol

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