A diva-delicious-diet!

As  the big ’50’ creeps nearer and that darn Menopause continues to ‘hang about’,s baby boomer woman  went looking for medical answers….sadly for me, the annoying symptoms that can fluctuate several times in one day, plus the frustration of the prognosis, all had me wondering where I could find support to assist with some of the symptoms-

For someone who had never managed to gain weight her entire life, [except during each pregnancy], the sudden weight-gain was the straw which broke the camel’s back and I knew I had to face this,head-on! About 2 weeks ago, I made the serious decision to start a diet….I knew if I shed some kilos then I’d also be shedding some of the unwanted effects of Menopause! Never having been on any kind of weight-loss programme, I began by checking-out the Tony Ferguson programme [Australian weight-loss]…..it consisted of various flavoured ‘shakes’ used as ‘meal-replacements’, but it was the cost which turned me away. The idea of ‘weighing-in’ each week was a great motivator, but the reality of being able to keep up with costs, sadly out-weighed[no pun intended lol] my decision and so I had to re-think my options.

Sure, there’s plenty of wight-loss products available on the market, but after a recent consumer survey, the list of the safest, significantly shrunk! Now what??? Well, the next best solution required much commitment and dedication on my part…I was going this alone! My mind did a complete ‘about-face’, choosing to take better care of my body by watching what I put into it, then giving it a complete workout! The most amazing thing has happened because of this…foods I once despised, I’m now loving!

An example is the habit I’d picked-up when hungry between meals…’grazing’, as it was described to me….now when I feel the urge for a snack, I reach for something healthy AND filling! Here’s a really simple snack-attack idea:

A tub of low-fat yogurt/Strawberries/Honey/Cinnamon/Mint leaves……..slice up the strawberries & put in a bowl…drop some low-fat yogurt on top, drizzle 1/2 teaspoon of honey over it followed by a sprinkle of cinnamon[about1/4 teaspoon], top this with some fresh mint leaves.

Exercise IS CRUCIAL!! If you HATE the “E” word, don’t panic, it can be as easy as taking the dog for a walk, or choosing to walk to the local shops opposed to driving….which today, also great for the planet! Like to dance?? Slap on aCD and get moving! I’ve been doing all of the latter as well as using dumbells for my arms…..but a great ‘fat-blaster’ is raising the levels of your heartbeat  which tells you those calories are burning off!! Melt the extra pounds/kilos away! And guess what???? It’s already working for me! Yes, my legs ache but I’ve found this just means you need to work through the pain. Your meals really don’t have to be boring just remember, everything in moderation and stay AWAY from the fatty-foods!

Take it from me, you could save yourself a small fortune and STILL get the results!


4 thoughts on “A diva-delicious-diet!

    • Hey Bev—

      Actually, I’d seen one of your videos over at FBook??? You were jogging & discussing those “lies” we tell lol Will check-out this link!

      Hugs xxxx

      BTW ladies…am starting NOW, preparing for those extra pounds just lurking around the menopausal-mountain! I’m ready to take it on! lol

  1. I LOVE your suggestions for taking off the pounds. However, I’ve got a tiny bit of distressing news to share: being much older than you, I hate to say but the battle wages on. Each decade that goes by, metabolism tends to drop so you have to be vigilant with your diet and exercise.

    That said, I think the changes you’ve laid out in your post are GREAT ones! I’ve been turning to berries and low fat yogurt as an in between meal snack and it’s nutritious, delicious AND low calorie. What more could a fifty (or sixty) something woman ask for?

    • Thanks for your response Eileen, and have to say, this “diet” has been the best outlet since quitting smoking!
      I feel so more “in control” of my life and this is another goal I am keen to reach!

      Started out at 12stone[terribly over-weight for me]which is about 75kilos-I can proudly say, since cutting-back on my carbs & fats, eating more healthy fuel-foods AND sticking to the regime of daily walks [20-30mins], plus work-outs, am now 70kilos!

      I once despised yogurts, now embracing them[low-fat] along with many other healthy foods…learning about calories was a real eye-opener! Have some interesting items listed on this week’s shopping so think I’ll share more recipes 🙂

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