Healthier by choice!

Diet? What diet? Over the past few weeks my days have been filled with extra activities and now I feel as though I’ve gone through a life-changing experience!

It started when I had an afternoon to myself and some spare change. Between the onslaught of Sydney’s relentless heatwave and my personal battle with menopause, I felt I deserved a treat-In the past, shopping was usually the best medicine to wash-away any”blues”….not this time! I’d  stumbled upon a lovely little boutique, discreetly tucked-away within the bustling shopping mall and not a soul inside…perfect! Browsing through the “specials” rack I located a couple of nice items and quickly snapped them up on my way to the change-room…the shop owner was polite &  happy to offer her assistance, especially when I began to encounter problems with the clothes….they were lovely, but they looked awful on me! At first I blamed the mirrors, and no matter how persistent the woman was, I just wasn’t happy? It wasn’t the clothes, and it certainly wasn’t the shop’s mirrors… fact, the latter actually reflected the truth, and it scared me! Who was that person before me? I stood silently in the middle of the store, tears soon blurred my vision and all I wanted to was  run and hide!

Handing back the clothes I’d chosen, the shop owner suggested I try something else….something, in a larger size. Reluctantly I tried on her selection, paid for them and went straight home hoping my mood would lift once I began mixing & matching the new clothes, with what I had in my wardrobe. The bags were opened, the new clothes taken out and hung quickly into the cupboard…I knew they weren’t for me, so why did I waste money like that??

The following day, the realisation kicked-in…I’d allowed this woman to take advantage of my confusion! She had convinced me I wasn’t “fat”, that she had “seen far worse”……alarm bells were now blaring and it was right then I made the decision to get my life back!

As of yesterday, I have officially lost exactly 5 kilos! By sticking-with my personal plan, NO pills, NO meal-replacements…..cutting-out “take-away” [#1 BIG factor], no eating AFTER dinner, grazing on healthy-low-fat snacks, drinking HEAPS of water, chopping-out “fatty-foods” by changing the way I cook…plenty of fibre-foods, and plenty of exercise!! My goal is to lose 1kilo week-by-week until I’ve reached my ideal weight of 58 kilos!

My diet works, and it’s been alot of fun pushing myself everyday through each strenuous, calorie-burning routine! The day starts with my weights,followed by a light jog, brisk walking, jumping-jacks, long-jumps and squats- I’ve even created my own ‘dance-routine’, not Latin styled “zumba” , something that’s just as much fun and dynamic in style….DISCO!!! Yep! With my set of dumbbells, I’m shakin’ my booty with the help of some great disco classics, and burning the calories! Already down a dress-size, I’m proof that it’s not about the type of  “diet”, it’s how you approach it! Healthier, by choice!


8 thoughts on “Healthier by choice!

  1. Hooray for you! The key thing you said here, that is essential to success with weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, is that you made it your own. I love that you have created your own sassy workout. It’s what works for you, and one has to like how they exercise or they won’t stick with it.

    I’m proud of you, Deb! I don’t know how much a kilo is though. We use lbs. hahaha

  2. Well today I decided it was high-time I went through some poor old clothes…some haven’t seen daylight for so long, they were almost SCREAMING to be picked!! lol

    Okay, had some help with conversion…5 kilos = almost 12 pounds 🙂

    Have located some terrific ‘weight-watcher’ meals…tonight I’ve prepared Chicken Chasseur with brown rice 🙂
    It’s not that hard and definitely a lot cheaper than any programme I’ve looked-into??


    You’re doing something fantastic for yourself and, by blogging about it, you’re inspiring others to do the same. It’ coming upon spring in Northern California (where I live) and we’re starting to get some really nice, sunny days interspersed between the fog and rain. Warm weather always gets me motivated because I can’t hide in my clothes like I can in the winter. I’m “borrowing” (stealing!) your ideas and will make them my own.
    Thanks for the great post and thanks for the motivation!

    • It’s become a “way of life” now…my body feels as though it was craving healthy food??? I cannot explain, but can only tell you that all the things I once ran from, now making their way into my diet and I’m loving every moment 🙂

      If this IS of help to others, I have plenty more to share! LOL

      Thanks for taking time to stop by, Eileen 🙂

  4. Good for you Deb! And I can honestly say “been there–done that” with the clothes thing. I’ve seen so many cute clothes I can’t wear and it’s very frustrating but I am not going to be defeated. I’m back in the gym—slowly pushing the fact away 🙂

    Keep up the good work and keep us motivated!

    • Hey Bev—

      I remember that Nate also enjoys a good workout so you have a great training partner and even better support!!

      You’re only a little thing, but there’s also plenty of drive which makes you a powerhouse! lol

      You WON’T be defeated, you’ll be a diva-licious winner 🙂

  5. Yea, Deb. I told a friend that I needed to lose weight and he told me not to try to lose weight. He said that since I was geared to success, not failure, the idea of losing something was abhorrent to my nature. So now I am working on gaining slimnes, gaining better health, and gaining a better looking body.

    • That’s clever thinking 99!! lol
      It’s just a matter of “shaping-up” and feeling GREAT!

      Thanks for sharing here Pat 🙂

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