Feeling teal for all reasons!


Sharing music while sharing our crucial message, worldwide! Go Research Fund and Debbie Stevens, are inviting musicians/artists from all walks of life & from every corner of Australia and beyond, to make a video for the GRF “Feel teal” campaign- Self-promote your music, while showing support for our cause! With Rick Finch as spokesman, we now welcome the crew from Ion’s Odyssey aboard!

The Go Research Fund , together with seven time Grammy Award Winner, co-founder/former-original bassist of legendary 70’s music group,”KC and the Sunshine Band,” Arranger/Producer, Richard Finch and Baby Boomer Diva’s awareness campaigner Debbie Stevens, launched the first-ever, social-media online campaign, to raise awareness to ovarian cancer.

The Go Research Fund’s vision, is to improve the health outcomes for women suffering from ovarian and gynaecological cancers and to increase community awareness of these diseases. Their Challenge – is to find a blood test that will allow all women to be screened for ovarian cancer and diagnosed while the disease is in its early stages.

On Friday, September 4th,2009, the “Feel teal Friday” campaign was launched, with all focus placed on the various online social networks, posting all details of this event & those who were supporting- Rick Finch became the spokesman for the campaign, speaking publicly in support of the crucial need to see every female be made aware of the disease, and its symptoms. Rick’s commitment to the campaign going one step further, by the announcement of his offer to donate 50% of net-sales, from his latest CD; “For All Reasons”, to help fund the research towards finding an early screening test. The track, “Let’s dance again”, has been used to promote the event while encouraging a positive outcome for those affected either directly, or indirectly by this cancer….’Feel teal and dance again for ovarian cancer awareness’. It was recently agreed, that more time was required for this project, ensuring the ‘awareness message’ reached every corner of the globe, and allowing the supporters more time to promote the availability of Rick’s wonderful CD. It has been our great pleasure, to welcome others on-board to support the campaign, including the crew from Ion’s Odyssey; Lance Toohey (lyricist/poet), and his partner; Michelle Toohey. Their own quest, to sail the world whilst promoting/interviewing musicians, hosting various concerts & other musical-events, is bound to be on a grand-scale, so the fact they’ve offered to share this with the Go Research Fund, gives more voice to our message! Ion’s Odyssey plan to sail the ovarian cancer awareness message, across the oceans, and beyond….Music is by far, the language of the universe, so what better way to tell it to the world!

Because of this venture, the Go Research Fund’s “Feel teal” campaign continues, and we are now encouraging other artists/musicians, of ALL genres, to join us! All you have to do, is make a video, showing YOUR support for the GRF campaign, sharing our ‘awareness message’, whilst sharing a little about you! Already, people such as Australian Pop/Rock Artist; Anthony Snape, have contributed…you can see our videos at the following links- Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/user/MsDStevens

Campaign Videos: http://www.deliberatelydebbie.com/campai…

ION’s ODYSSEY OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.ionsodyssey.com

———– DON’T FORGET! People wanting to donate to the GO Research Fund’s ‘Feel Teal Friday’ Campaign can do so online via the ‘Feel Teal Friday’ online donations facility. The GO Research Fund is collecting donations through the free online donations service powered by GiveNow.com.au. This service is secure and ensures that 100 per cent of the donations go directly to The GO Research Fund. People wanting to donate to the ‘Feel Teal Campaign can donate here OR Grab YOUR copy of the CD; “For All Reasons” which is also available as a DOWNLOAD at http://cdbaby.com/cd/rfp Payment options made easy, Paypal/Credit card OR Money Orders via post!

For further details please contact Debbie Stevens via email.

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